NEW! Vanishing Wildlife

Every day elephants, rhinos, tigers, apes and marine turtles and many other species are in danger.
Loss of habitat, poaching, conflicts, trash, waste and other elements threaten their survival, and their very existence.
Can you imagine a day where elephants are only seen in history books and museums? Elephants as a figment of the imagination of what once was?
A beast so magnificent withered away into the past, never to be seen again?

The Vanishing Wildlife series by Little Critterz is represented by baby animals as they hold the "Future, Promise and Hope" for their species. Your purchase of these figurines helps to support The Multinational Species Fund to protect the earth's most endangered species including elephants, tigers, rhinos, apes and sea turtles. Participating organizations include Sierra Club, World Wildlife Fund, Sea Turtle Conservancy, American Zoo Association, Jane Goodall Institute and many more.

Product Information

Little Critterz Porcelain miniatures are NOT toys. Warning: Choking Hazard - Not Recommended for Children Under 3 Years. They are Decorative Items Only.  They are lead free. Porcelain is breakable and chippable.  They are not for consumption or designed for use in a microwave or dishwasher.